Feeding ducks

Cartoon of duck with umbrella to stop falling bread. Rat is catching it instead.
Disgruntled duck

This was found in Geneva. The duck is saying, ‘Be reasonable, we are perfectly able to feed ourselves‘. The rat is saying, ‘Ha ha, I’m the one who benefits’. I would like to see something similar at lagoons and lakes in the Blue Mountains

Lace Monitor Visit

A most exciting and interesting new year visitor. On 18 January, this Lace Monitor appeared in our garden in Boland Avenue, Springwood adjoining Birdwood Gully Bushcare Site. Elizabeth has lived here for thirty years and this is the first time she has seen one here or in Birdwood Gully. Its only rival for her in the thirty years was an Echidna which she saw some 25 years ago.

Elizabeth Mitchell took a photo of a lace monitor in her back yard!

Lace Monitor visited a Boland Ave home

By Liz Field for herself and Elizabeth Mitchell